The Full Taste Of Greek Wine Culture

Oinovation is a house of brands & services, that connects you with the Hellenic culture and the modern Mediterranean way of living.

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Oinovation was born out of a passion for Greek wines and has come up with a magnificent way to introduce these indigenous grape varieties to you. The name of our company reflects our vision to reveal Greece’s exceptional wine culture and varieties in innovative ways. It is well known that people who visit Greece often combine sight-seeing experiences with Greek taste quests. Greece is famous for its unique, rich, nutritional, Mediterranean tastes, both in food as much as for the beverages it produces. And who couldn’t tell that Greece is one of the best destinations in having a full life experience in tasting some of the greatest wines around the world?



For thousands of years, Greece produces a variety of elective wines. The mild Mediterranean climate, the rich terrain that allows to the grapes, such as Assyrtiko, Agiorgitiko, Moschofilero and Xinomavro, to flourish and the passion of people who love the art of wine are the reasons that Greece holds the reins in the Mediterranean market of wine. Oinovation, apart from being a house of brands for innovative wines, has also created a unique concept to connect the production of wine with the cultural roots of our blessed land, and become a liable platform for all the information you may need on your next trip in Greece.



Greece has a really long history. And warm summers and fantastic beaches. But you know that already. What you don't know is that Greece has 300 indigenous wine varieties and more than 700 wineries. In fact in Greece you can find some of the finest wineries in Europe and drink some of the best wines awarded in International Wine Competitions. Now add to this unknown wine culture all those things you already know about Greece; that is its long history, warm summers and fantastic beaches and here is what you get: unrivaled wine touristic experiences.